Emotions: Dualistic Thinking Snippet


A Supplement to MysteryShrink and the Emotional Guidance System Dualistic Thinking: Wikipedia and many libraries of philosophy and theology texts define dualistic thinking in complicated ways.  For the purpose of better understanding how dualistic can affect our efforts to think clearly, dualistic thinking is meant to describe what happens in our brains when we assume there are only two possibilities for thinking and acting—one good and one bad.  One right and one wrong.  With this structure, we then separate actions, beliefs, and outcomes into one of these categories.  Without exception. The underlining web of dualistic thinking that interferes with Bowen …

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Emotions: Living in the Now or ‘How to Visualize Whirled Peas’

fortin hotel pool

Emotions: Living in the Now or ‘How to Visualize Whirled Peas’ Emotions:  The Old Man, His Mop, and His Gift How do you ‘live in the now’ when life takes a dive suddenly and forever?  And you’re a kid? The Ruiz Gallindo Hotel is nestled in Fortín de la Flores, a little town between Veracruz, and Mexico City.  It is three weeks after my mother died with an asthma attack.  My father had gathered up my younger and me to wander Mexico for the summer. Talking was hard.  Sleeping impossible.  We made it because we were the introvert-feelings-avoiders in the family. …

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Hope: Two Women, Robin Williams, and Living NOW

MysteryShrink: Two Women and Living in the NOW The truth about psychology and psychologists:  We long to be scientific—to prove our medications, our talk therapy works.  We long to assist ourselves and other humans to find more joy and make more sense of their lives. We mostly fail on both counts. With psychologist websites mostly billboards and all the information any civilization could want in 234 languages at your fingertips– what’s a psychologist on the loose to do to try and make a difference? It seems to me, that along with encouraging you guys to laugh at me and yourselves, I …

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Stress, Relationships, Family: MysteryShrink Goes Social

Stress: Why You Want to Keep an Eye on MysteryShrink The truth and a giant disclaimer.  If I am to accomplish my current goal, I’m going to have to lose the sunglasses.  I’m going to have to start registering using my real name.  I’m going to have to take MysteryShrink into the world of social media the same way to be a responsible pet owner I drag Sammie Davis Jr. in to the vet.  The Truth: I’ve finally finished the book that I wanted to write when I switched from all-serious non-fiction to fiction.  The book is titled The Mercy.  …

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