Life, Death, Self-esteem, and Writing Stories, Part 1

Life, Death, Self-esteem, and Writing Stories, Part 1 This article was written as a guest post on the blog of Literary Agent Helen Zimmermann who has Project Publish, a helpful blog for aspiring writers. The topic of my entry is the emotional side of writing—specifically on how your life can go in the dumper when you select any outside measurement to decide whether or not you are an okay person, an outstanding person, or a loser. ‘Loser’ is a harsh word, but then we are pretty horrible to ourselves when we fail to live up to, or believe we have …

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Robin Williams, Oh How We Loved You, Depression is Real.

Robin Williams, Oh How We Loved You. Depression is Real. I started MysteryShrink as one answer to a question that is with me daily.  “What have you contributed today to make a difference to the emotional suffering of people?” The question is the same every day.  How can I take what I’ve learned in training, study, writing, and life and give something back?  Add to the beauty of one person’s day?  Add a smile?  Help others take life more seriously and themselves less seriously?  See the love in humanness?  Bring us together in love?  Not be so afraid of the …

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MysteryShrink in the Now


MysteryShrink in the Now Psychology and psychologists have ideas to share, some are even effective.  Still our profession falls way short on aiding the journey to ‘living in the now.’ Psychologists listen, diagnose, and attempt to improve the skills of others.  But diagnoses, techniques, and schools of thought do not address the essential dilemma.  How does a person live fully in the present?  How does a person let go of worrying about the past and obsessively planning or fearing the future. When someone close to us is diagnosed with a terrible disease, we have a moment of clarity perhaps.  Or …

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