Should I Apologize?

Should I Apologize? Well, of course. Unless you are that one perfect person you make mistakes all the time. So, I ask you, can you give me one rational reason why you shouldn’t apologize? When I ask this question in my office I usually receive one of those ‘I’m-paying-you-and-this-is-what-I-get?’ expressions. …

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The Horror! Just Say “No” to Email Collectors!

The Horror! The Horror! Have you ever done something utterly against what you believed in and been horrified? What if you didn’t actually do this awful thing, someone else did, but the result was the same? It’s probably just me, but I am really tired of websites where you can’t …

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Did You Ever Want to Be Anyone Else? (Re-post Due to Technical Send Error)

party little girl

Did You Ever Want to Be Anyone Else? Did You? The Story: Easy Rider meets The Quiet American and both dance with Little Miss Sunshine. How to Choose a Psychologist: I ask you, “What possible good can any psychologist be to you if she can’t– out of nowhere, out of nothing, ‘back into’ …

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