The Ugly Truth about the American Dream

The Ugly Truth about the American Dream

“I have come to think that care of the soul requires a high degree of resistance to the culture around us. . . . We may not want to be plugged into electronic media and have our thoughts laundered daily with biased news, superficial commentary, and ‘lite’ entertainment.”   Thomas Merton, Conjectures of an Innocent Bystander.

Thomas Merton wrote those words in a book published in 19651! What would he say now about the world we see around us now?

Upcoming MysteryShrink Series on the Truth About the American Dream. Life as prisoners in an envy-driven consumer culture. 



I'm a psychologist who goes to way too many movies, for the same reason I chose this profession. I love stories. I use movies and novels working with people in my office and during speaking engagements. "You should write some of this down," I kept being told. So, this is it, folks.

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